Global Brand Standard Audits

Case study

The context

An international hospitality group expanded rapidly, however sheer size and scale made checking compliance with standards across the group an enormous challenge.
With high profile brand names above the door, and expectations to match, C-Suite management needed comparable, actionable data to inform decisions and ensure consistently high standards worldwide.

What we did

Launched a global programme of mystery hotel inspections and audits covering 1100 hotels, 9 brands across 44 countries annually, assessing adherence to brand standards.
Hotels carry out their own self-assessment in preparation for the mystery audit, with the intention that hygiene factors are at standard, and the audit picks up more in-depth issues that usually require additional training or investment.
Each property receives an annual, detailed report with photographic evidence, comments, and recommendations.  A complete, action focused brand report is delivered to senior management at the end of each year.

How it helped

Individual hotels are now able to implement specific actions related to feedback about their property, such as staff training, and monitor the impact through repeat inspections.
Overall brand owners benefit from a big picture view of standards worldwide, and the areas where investment is needed to drive improvements.

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