Defining brand standards

Case study

The context

How do you turn a collection of unique hotels into something that resonates with customers? This was the issue faced by a global hospitality chain, particularly in Western Europe and the Middle East.

A collection needs to work harder to deliver both a consistent and sought-after brand experience. Insight was needed to understand what the target customer really wants and values, to determine how brand standards should be imposed across the collection and what these should look like.

What we did

An iterative qualitative project to get under the skin of the target audience and generate a set of guidelines driven by real consumer insights. This included online ethnography in 4 markets over a period of 5 weeks, to understand what ‘makes them tick’ and what drives hotel experiences.

How it helped

The master brand was able to develop the optimum set of brand guidelines that, through delivering a consistent customer experience will drive the successful growth of the collection hotels with their own unique character in Europe and the Middle East.

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