Product Development

Often we speak of New Product / Proposition Development. In truth, product development opportunities are more often brown field than green field, but the role of insight remains pivotal.

Whether you are investing in new innovations, refreshing an existing proposition or extending a product line, basing your decisions on insight will maximise your chances of success and ensure you avoid costly mistakes. It will help to generate new ideas, identify unmet needs, refine an overall package, estimate demand, optimise your pricing strategy and more. Additionally, well-designed research insight can hone your decision-making to mitigate risk.

With experience across all areas of the product development cycle, from initial concept to maturity, we have the expertise to help you discover valuable insights.

Our toolkit includes the full range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including advanced analytics such as conjoint or pricing. We also offer specialist techniques that are unique to BVA BDRC. Take a tour of Our Solutions and Our Experts below.

"With hard data we were able to return to the model and populate it with renewal rates which were well researched rather than best estimates. This let us make pricing changes on the basis of known risk."

Russell Le Page - Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Our Solutions

We offer proprietory solutions in addition to the full range of quantitative and qualitative techniques. All of our solutions have been developed or refined within BVA BDRC and have proved their value in numerous research projects – to the extent that some have registered patents or trade marks.

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