Market Dynamics

The markets you work in are constantly evolving – new entrants, new demands from customers, changes in legislation or a product innovation can all result in exciting opportunities but also present challenges. What are your competitors up to, how do you keep your edge over them, or close the gap on a market leader? More broadly, is a market worth investing in, one to make the most of in the short term, or one to exit from?

Businesses are often faced with a range of options, and they can’t all be pursued, so choosing the right ones will impact the future health of the business. Whatever the challenge, we will ensure that your decisions are based on astute insight, helping you identify opportunities to strengthen your business, and the pitfalls to avoid.

Our toolkit includes the full range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, for ad-hoc or on-going research that helps you keep abreast of trends and seize opportunities. We also offer specialist techniques that are unique to BVA BDRC. Take a tour of Our Solutions and Our Experts below.

"We have partnered with BDRC for over a decade in multiple markets across the world as our company expands its international footprint. Their research expertise has ensured our global brand tracking program and numerous product development studies have been consistently well managed."

Janet Smalley - Marriott International

Our Solutions

We offer proprietory solutions in addition to the full range of quantitative and qualitative techniques. All of our solutions have been developed or refined within BVA BDRC and have proved their value in numerous research projects – to the extent that some have registered patents or trade marks.

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