Employees are the engine room of an organisation, able to influence service performance and secure competitive advantage. However, employees are more than the core of the organisation; they are individuals, with needs, motivations and aspirations. Arming staff with the right skills, knowledge, support and environment is crucial to the development of a committed workforce and an organisation’s success.

Many organisations focus their strategies on improving the delivery of customer experience and it is important to recognise the role employees play in this.

BVA BDRC has built on its extensive knowledge of customer experience and satisfaction research, delivering insight for a range of organisations, helping them to link employee engagement to customer satisfaction, understanding drivers of employee motivations, monitor compliance and improve bottom-line performance.

Our toolkit includes a full range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, for ad-hoc or on-going research. We also offer specialist techniques that are unique to BVA BDRC. Take a tour of Our Solutions and Our Experts below.

"We have worked with BDRC … on an important staff communications survey … The team work closely with us to maximize online response from a cross section of our employees from senior to junior positions."

Alan Pomeroy - DWP

Our Solutions

We offer proprietory solutions in addition to the full range of quantitative and qualitative techniques. All of our solutions have been developed or refined within BVA BDRC and have proved their value in numerous research projects – to the extent that some have registered patents or trade marks.

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