Channel Strategy

Recent years have witnessed a transformation in how people expect to engage with brands, products and services. Flexible working patterns and the blurring of the work / social divide, coupled with emerging technologies and the rise of omnichannel, mean that customers have become infinitely more demanding: they now expect to be able to interact with providers instantly, securely and without compromise. The challenge that organisations face is how to deliver consistently across multiple channels and meet customers’ rising expectations.

BVA BDRC has unrivalled experience in channel strategy, innovation and development. Assignments range from researching changing needs within traditional offline channels to the development of digital services that are accessed through smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Our toolkit includes the full range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies for ad-hoc and ongoing research, whether you’re looking to re-design or refine your delivery channels. Take a tour of Our Solutions and Our Experts below.

"BDRC’s innovative research techniques have been invaluable in showing evidence of the subconscious power of Product Placement and it has helped drive a great deal more interest in the opportunities available."

Jonathan Allan - Channel 4

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Our Solutions

We offer proprietory solutions in addition to the full range of quantitative and qualitative techniques. All of our solutions have been developed or refined within BVA BDRC and have proved their value in numerous research projects – to the extent that some have registered patents or trade marks.

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