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All our clients face challenges which can be addressed by market research - understanding customer needs, product development opportunities, staff motivation, market entry requirements, compliance and more. You need to work with people who know their stuff and can cut through the data to give you meaningful solutions.

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Strong brands have the power to differentiate an organisation from its competition, and to connect with customers at a deeper level. A clear strategy and watchful eye on consumer opinion are vital to brand health and effective communications.

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Sales performance, service delivery and operational efficiency all rely upon a well-executed channel strategy. Effective insight will ensure you engage with customers in the right place, at the right time and in the right way, helping your business to thrive.

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Compliance is ubiquitous - organisations need to show they are adhering to the rules, minimising conduct risk, meeting conditions or hitting targets. The verdict can be delivered by a regulator, a funding or awards body or an organisation’s own stakeholders.

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Customer opinion is everywhere, whether you ask for it or not, and collecting it is no longer the challenge. The challenges now lie in identifying your most valuable customers, understanding their needs, the drivers of loyalty and how any changes will affect the bottom line.

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Data Science

Most companies already hold a wealth of data but often the struggle is to unlock its true value. Whether your data is from customer databases, surveys, social media or a range of other sources, unlocking its potential will increase your understanding of your customers and sharpen your competitive edge.

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Consulting with your employees is not just about ticking the HR box. It goes much wider than this by helping your whole organisation prosper.

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Markets constantly evolve. Whether your challenge is to enter a new market or leave it, or you are wondering where your market will go in future and how you can capitalise on that opportunity, we can inform your decisions with relevant and inspirational insight.

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Product development is central to business success. Get the proposition wrong and you endanger your growth prospects. Well-designed research insight can hone your decision making to manage down that risk.

Our work

In this section we provide case studies of a few of the successful projects we have worked on in recent years. These can be filtered by Sector or Challenge. You can discover how other companies in your sector found research-based solutions for their business challenges. However, if you are more interested in looking outside your sector for new thinking, filter instead by Challenge. If market research consultancy is about providing evidence and insight, our clients need to see what we’ve actually done (not just talked about).

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Sector insight

BVA BDRC has created a range of sector focussed research products. Some are syndicated so the cost is shared across several clients, while others are highly detailed sector studies. Each has a proven record of delivering valuable insight and has been developed to meet the evolving needs of dynamic markets.

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