Elevate your CX with memorable peak moments.


Richard Stevenson

Senior Director

Great customer experience (CX) needs a clear ambition backed by effective strategies to nurture relationships and drive loyalty through memorable interactions. XPASS goes beyond simple satisfaction measurement and delivers a comprehensive toolkit for developing strong, sustainable customer relationships.

What we do

Inspired by the work of behavioural scientists (Daniel Kahneman, the Heath brothers, Dan Ariely), XPASS identifies emotional levers to deliver memorable experiences – the ones that strengthen relationships. 

 The XPASS Emotional Activation Model measures the emotional footprint left by your brand, what makes you unique and what makes you best in class. It assesses eight emotional drivers, EPIC and FREE, which combine to elevate your CX: EPIC to create peak moments and memories, FREE to get the basics right and build trust. 


Measure whether you are successfully creating memorable experiences 

Confirm you’re meeting core service delivery requirements 

Prioritise key customer journeys for action 

Identify how to best curate memorable experiences in these journeys 

Adjust delivery based on the needs and expectations of different segments


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