What we do for you

We help our clients get closer to their customers, stakeholders and employees by translating research data into business intelligence you can act on. We do this through a range of market leading insight tools and a dedicated team of experts. Whether you define your needs by sector or by business challenge, we have a team which can give you the answers.

We are market leaders in a number of sectors – hotels, banking, media, transport, travel and tourism – as well as business challenges: branding, customer experience, compliance and more.

When you appoint us we want to know where you plan to end up – your goal. We will shape our research recommendations around that, so even if the components we suggest are ‘off the shelf’ the solution will be tailor made for you.

We ask our clients what they think of our performance when we finish projects. Our overall client ratings are impressive by any general standards, with our all-important Net Promoter Score* (NPS) standing at a net 61.8 (69.6% classified as Promoters and 7.8% as Detractors).

*NPS is a management tool used to gauge the loyalty of an organisation’s customer relationships.

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Our experts

Our experts work in project teams to deliver precisely the solutions you need. Typically they are experienced both in a sector and a number of business challenges. Many of them have blogged, as you can see in Our opinions.

Awards & achievements

BVA BDRC delivers excellence in the research sector. We are recognised for our research quality, innovation and expertise. This is shown in a number of awards and finalist positions from the Market Research Society among others.

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Best agency 2018 for web
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Mediatel 2018 web
PP Soc for web
Best Agency 2016
Business impact 2016
MRG LOGO for all
2015 Winner International
Best Agency web
Public Policy Web
MediaTel award best media tracking project web
MRG Best Research Innovation
mrs 2014 finalist best agency
mrs evidence matters 2013 finalist
mrs 2013 finalist best agency
mrs evidence matters 2013
mrs 2013 finalist social
mrs winner data collection
mrs 2012 finalist best agency
mrs evidence matters 2012
mrs evidence matters 2012 finalist
research awards 2011