Reveal the hidden highs and lows of a customer journey 


Caroline Ahmed

Chief Commercial Officer

Traditional post-event research can mask the true range of feelings about experiences involving several stages, such as on-boarding. The research often takes place after the process ends, by which point, respondents’ reactions to their experience is coloured by the most recent interaction or the halo effect of completing the journey. The ups and downs of the experience are smoothed, and granular operational service insights are lost. 

Tracktion is a powerful deep-dive methodology, which offers insight at every stage of a customer’s journey with an organisation. 

What we do

Tracktion accurately pinpoints highs and lows in journeys as long as 15 weeks, or as short as 14 days, by following a group of individuals as they move through the journey, speaking to them at regular intervals – with the timings set to reflect stages in the process. 

Feedback includes a mix of operational assessment, sentiment and emotional impact so that you can fine tune delivery and create peak moments in the right places. 


Pinpoint specific servicing highs and lows 

Understand how you can remedy any issues 

Create memorable moments when it matters most


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