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Customer Experience (CX) is a well-established strategic priority, with many questions to consider if an organisation is to enjoy the growth achieved by CX champion brands.

  • What is the overall CX ambition and what strategy is needed to achieve it?
  • What type of relationship should be created and maintained with customers?
  • Which emotional levers will encourage attachment to the organisation and which segments should be targeted?
  • Which interactions must be memorable to stimulate loyalty?


XPASS is the answer

XPASS goes beyond simple satisfaction and delivers a comprehensive toolkit for developing strong, sustainable customer relationships.


A proven model grounded in Behavioural Science

Inspired by the work of behavioural scientists (Daniel Kahneman, the Heath brothers, Dan Ariely), XPASS identifies emotional levers to deliver memorable experiences – the ones that strengthen relationships.

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An innovative package of diagnostics

The XPASS Emotional Activation Model measures the emotional footprint left by your brand, what makes you unique and what makes you best in class.

It assesses eight emotional drivers, EPIC and FREE, which combine to elevate your CX: EPIC to create peak moments and memories, FREE to get the basics right and engender trust.

EPIC model

FREE model

Taking action with XPASS

The full XPASS tookit enables you to adapt your CX strategy according to customer needs. You'll know where and how to focus your investment.

Each element can be integrated within your existing barometer, to enhance KPIs such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), or used as a stand-alone tool to complement your feedback management systems.

Contact us to find out how XPASS can help you achieve your CX ambition.

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