Visionary Thinking ZMET

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ZMET (pronounced with a ZEE after its developer, Professor Gerald Zaltman) is an established and premium alternative to focus groups and other traditional qualitative methods.

Why premium? It provides better, richer data than other methods because it taps into how customers think rather than just what they think.

One of our clients is so convinced that they’ve spent well over £2m on ZMET projects with us over the past 10 years.  Other global brands have spent similar sums in other markets where partner agencies also use this approach.

With Behavioural Economics, Daniel Kahneman brought into the mainstream the notion that people do not behave rationally or even in what might appear to be their best interests. Instead, their thought processes are skewed by a whole series of cognitive biases.

Modern thinkers such as Jordan Peterson draw on the works of Jung and Piaget to explore how people are driven by fundamental metaphors that stretch way back into human evolution.

Similarly, ZMET is founded on the premise that there are deep metaphors which relate to embodied cognition that shape the way people think and feel about a given topic, and that these can be surfaced by getting them to source and reflect on related images.

Does KFC’s Colonel still have relevance? Should the Ford Fiesta be rebranded? What do today’s young and wealthy want from a Private Bank? What’s in the DNA of a highly successful and ambitious entrepreneur? These are just some of the questions we’ve helped to answer using ZMET.

If you want answers to questions like this, drop us a line.

Key Benefits

  • Gets consumers to tell you what they don’t know they know; get to see how their minds work, not just what they want to tell you
  • Challenges clients’ thinking, providing new questions, answers and insight, rather than reconfirming existing ideas
  • Provides genuine insight rather than just ‘information’