Twystery® for Visitor Attractions

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Measuring Social Customer Care on Twitter

How well do visitor attractions respond to tweets? Twystery® (the combination of ‘Twitter’ and ‘Mystery’) is a mystery shopping study which benchmarks how they handle common queries.

Twitter has over 320 million active users and almost half a billion Tweets every day.  Its immediacy and ease of use also make it an increasingly popular channel for consumers seeking customer service, product information or a platform to complain.

What does it cost organisations if they don’t respond in time?  Do their responses turn enquiries into purchases?  And how will they know if they are being outgunned by the competition?

Twystery® is an assessment and performance tracking service from BVA BDRC that measures how well an organisation is servicing social customer care.

Our recent cross-industry Twystery® study of over 350 brands revealed a wide range of performance levels both between and within industries.

Coverage on BBC Business News and Research Live.

We are now launching Twystery® specifically for visitor attractions.

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