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Tri-Sight takes respondents through a three-stage customer journey. This gives them more thinking time, more time to express their views and more space to critique the opinions of others.

Stage 1 is a preparation stage during which they are primed to take part in the main stage. This is conducted either via an online portal, a short telephone interview or some other form of preparatory task (such as diary creation). Stage 2 can take the form either of an in-depth interview or a mini-group (but ideally with participants within a pre-existing social network or affinity group, allowing us to analyse a particular segment if desired). Following preliminary analysis, the purpose of Stage 3 is to test and refine findings by sharing the opinions of others (other respondents and other affinity groups) with respondents and capturing their responses. Again, this can be achieved via different methods and is tailored to the audience.

Analysis is highly accessible and transparent, based on coding responses against a set of ‘Core Customer Desires’. Tri-Sight has numerous applications, including understanding the future of product categories, repositioning a brand, corporate communications, and product development.

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