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Tracktion tracks the customer journey as it happens, evaluating customer journeys as long as 15 weeks or as short as 14 days every step of the way. By surveying panellists at regular intervals we are able to pinpoint ‘tipping points’ and their causes. Tracktion is the only longitudinal methodology capable of delivering such granular insight.

We recruit a cohort of customers at the same point in their journeys. Short and snappy interviews are then conducted on an agreed schedule, utilising flexible questionnaires carefully aligned to the client’s specific aims and objectives. Results include both ‘harder’ data and ‘softer’ verbatim comment feedback and, while we accommodate new areas of content as the client requests them, the inclusion of key measures also allows us to benchmark performance against competitors.

Key areas in need of attention can often remain hidden within a process and may be overlooked by questionnaires which focus solely on customers who have already finished their journeys. Tracktion allows clients to pinpoint these areas as they arise and equips them with precise, up-to-date information on which to form critical business decisions.