Social Listening

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Your customer is speaking; are you listening?

You’re not the only one who defines your brand – in the age of social media, it’s anyone’s game. Social listening allows you to track brand engagement in a meaningful, measurable and actionable way, so you can let consumer opinion guide you rather than define you.

With social listening, you can:

  • Monitor your brand reputation in the context of competitor benchmarks, assessing brand sentiment and passion
  • Identify market trends by monitoring consumer trends to identify any white spaces that could help your brand to stay ahead of the curve in its positioning
  • Understand different audiences by observing how brand reach, sentiment and passion vary
  • Enhance campaign effectiveness by identifying high performing posts and monitoring the effectiveness of campaigns, including finding the best times of day for your activity

BVA BDRC can combine high quality social listening technology (including natural language processing, net sentiment and passion intensity) with industry expertise, expert data analysis and professional data visualisation capabilities to turn your customer chatter into valuable business solutions.

We utilise the data pulled from our social listening technology to create new, custom metrics, tailoring your results to your industry and brand. In the hotels industry, for example, we can calculate the number of posts per hotel room available, allowing us to take network size into consideration. We can similarly calculate the number of posts per journey for the transport industry, or the number of posts per visit in the visitor attractions industry. We can therefore identify small, niche brands that don’t have a large footprint but drive a higher number of posts per room, journey or visit – or, indeed, recognise brands with a large footprint but relatively few posts per room, journey or visit.

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