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Product placement presents unique challenges in advertising media because, unlike other methods, it filters into many people’s minds unconsciously. Subsequently, analysing the effectiveness of product placement also requires its own methodology – one which places additional emphasis on the way a campaign can normalise or change perception of a brand.

Playsment® utilises an innovative gamified methodology to analyse the impact of product placement. This creates an engaging research process which allows results to reach beyond simple question and answer to probe into implicit awareness of the placement.

The award-winning methodology has been used successfully to evaluate the effectiveness of multiple product placement campaigns for Channel 4, enabling advertisers to alter the brand perceptions of viewers. Playsment® has shown how different campaign approaches can cause consumers to associate a product with certain ideas or characteristics, such as being ‘quality’, ‘natural’ or ‘cool’. Additionally, it has analysed how these various characteristics can affect customer intention to buy a product. Results have been used to direct future campaigns and to significantly increase purchasing intent.

Client Testimonial

"BVA BDRC’s innovative research techniques have been invaluable in showing evidence of the subconscious power of Product Placement and it has helped drive a great deal more interest in the opportunities available."

Channel 4