Membership Verdict

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Our award winning proprietary model helps membership organisations maximise retention and acquire new members. It provides hard and reliable measures of the impact on retention and acquisition of removing or introducing member benefits and changing membership category definitions or pricing structures.

Membership Verdict delivers a user-friendly, interactive model which allows membership teams to get hands-on in testing a wide range of different benefit package scenarios, pricing options and category definitions to establish the combinations which minimise churn and maximise income.

Whether you are in the process of developing, overhauling or refining your scheme or strategy, we can talk to you about a suitable tailored solution using Membership Verdict. Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, The National Trust, English Heritage and the Royal Horticultural Society have all recently used us to help improve their business model. Our membership work with Kew gave them the hard data to successfully restructure and relaunch their entire scheme. This was awarded the 2012 MRS Award for Applications of Research.

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