Experience Intensity

Experience Intensity hero image

Organisations employ a wide range of indicators to measure the overall customer experience – Net Promoter Score (propensity to recommend), satisfaction, value for money and customer effort. None of these encapsulate the service experience in its entirety.

BVA BDRC developed the Experience Intensity Score to provide a holistic picture of customer experience. Through structural equation modelling, Experience Intensity looks deep into the key dimensions affecting customer touch-points, and the attributes driving these dimensions. Rather than providing only an overall score, it also automatically builds practical diagnosis into the model, delivering a detailed assessment of the experience dimensions. By investigating at this micro level, Experience Intensity yields insights to inform and prioritise operational service improvements.

So far, variants of Experience Intensity have been applied within financial services, visitor attractions, dining out and the wider leisure sector. It has been used by Sainsbury’s Bank, Zurich, the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA), British Library, National Coastal Tourism Academy and Deloitte’s Taste of the Nation.

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