Buying Pathways

Buying Pathways hero image

The Buying Pathways Structure identifies and tracks the underlying drivers and barriers of individual consumer decision-making. It then develops a better picture of the factors that influence people when they make choices.

Buying Pathways plots the drop-out points along the purchase path where consumers are turning to competitors or falling out of the process altogether. It highlights leverage points where resources can be applied to drive customer growth and retention. Using detailed and systematic research that follows a series of recent individual buying decisions which can be aggregated to create market data, BVA BDRC is able to show where a product or service is losing out to competitors or where it has the edge, as well as developing strategies for targeting different customer segments.

A detailed understanding of the consumer decision making process helps ensure that priority is given to marketing activation opportunities where customers are being lost or where further growth potential exists. Buying Pathways helps to develop this understanding to give you a critical advantage in the market place.