Unpacking the thought processes behind refreshment and anticipation

31/10/2014 By Unpacking the thought processes behind refreshment and anticipation

A leading alcoholic beverage client approached BVA BDRC wanting to unpack the sensory collateral around refreshment and anticipation, with the aim of delivering a range of sensory marketing activities.

BVA BDRC undertook 24 ZMET interviews of drinkers to develop the understanding the client was looking for. The study was split with 12 interviews focussing directly on the brand and brand attributes. Respondents were pre-tasked to collect images that expressed their thoughts and feelings around ‘That first pint’ – what goes through your mind in the moments before drinking that first pint of the day? The research recorded some surprising images and insights and demonstrated that switching off from everyday life was part of the anticipation.

The client subsequently developed a 2 day workshop on sensory marketing including advertising, brand managers, R&D specialists and taste experts. A number of workable solutions were developed, prioritised and rolled out as a result. Additionally, the research was able to decode the current ‘brand wheel’ and make better sense of it.