Understanding customer experience at Dwr Cymru

27/09/2019 By Jon Young

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water is a not-for-profit water company that supplies drinking water and wastewater services to most of Wales and parts of Western England. It has three Dwr Cymru-owned sites including: Elan Valley, Llyn Brenig and Llandegfedd. All sites are set across beautiful waterside locations in Wales, with each one offering plenty of outdoor activities for the whole family from cycling to sailing.

Research Problem

Dwr Cymru wanted to understand visitor profiles and experience at their three sites and how their visitors compare to other similar sites.


To achieve this, BVA BDRC conducted interviews across a range of different times, with a focus on the days and locations that generated the highest footfall. Our trained interviewers spoke to visitors at each of the sites as they exited for the day, allowing results to cover details such as: visitor origin, visit type and visitor demographics.


The research showed how well the Dwr Cymru sites were able to facilitate emotional outputs to warrant a positive and memorable experience. Visit highlights centred on the key features of all three sites ranging from the passive areas of Llandegfedd, to the more interactive based elements of Elan Valley and the scenery of Llyn Brenig. Overall, this has helped Dwr Cymru understand how their visitors compare to other similar sites, and ultimately, inform their marketing and interpretation strategies.


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