Testing new concepts for WWF

31/10/2014 By Jacqui Banerjee

WWF had some new ideas of ways to encourage people to donate to the charity, and wanted to test interest in these ideas, as well as likely take-up, before developing them further.

An online survey was conducted with current and lapsed supporters of WWF, as well as some members of the public who regularly gave to charity. The survey included an outline of the concepts, and investigated likely uptake as well as asking some questions about what respondents would like included in the concept, and how much they would be willing to pay for the concept, either monthly or as a one-off donation.

Speaking to both those who had previously or did currently donate to WWF, as well as potential donators, allowed us to compare results to ensure the concepts were appealing to all target groups. Furthermore, pricing questions enabled us to create a model with potential revenue for the concepts at different price points. Further questions enabled the concepts to be developed to meet respondent’s preferences, and one of the concepts is now being brought to market.