Testing campaign concepts

03/10/2019 By Karen Troubridge

An automotive brand was preparing to unveil a new commercial van. To launch successfully, they needed to select the most effective communications campaign for their intended audience.

But which campaign concept would be most distinctive and memorable? Which gave the right message about their brand values?  Which would touch a chord with their target audience?

The brand commissioned BVA BDRC to test three advertising concepts to determine the best for the job. Our research was designed to test reactions of their target audience (fleet managers), with the secondary aim of creating awareness and desire for their new model and the upcoming campaign.

We tested different campaign concept options.  Advertising proposition images were uploaded to a secure online portal for each fleet manager to access during a telephone interview.  We gathered nuanced information on the various strengths and weaknesses of each of the campaign options.

This straightforward research helped the auto brand to make an evidence-based decision on which campaign to proceed with, providing context for a big pitch to global partners regarding campaign strategies.

“It was an incredibly fast turnaround so we agreed to review the raw [data] and BVA’s researchers were excellent and helpful.

BVA BDRC’s team were responsive, constructive and accommodating throughout. Our whole agency and client team were very impressed at how thorough they were.”


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