Sustainability and Consumer Decision Making in the Travel Sector

19/01/2022 By Jon Young

The environmental 'code-red' issued by the UN to humanity aside, there are many economic, legal and moral reasons to transform businesses into more sustainable ones. The level of investment, change and timescales involved can be quite significant, but for many, the returns are less clear.

This new paper draws on our research, and behavioural science expertise from BVA Nudge Consulting, to consider:

  • How much people care about sustainability issues
  • The ways sustainability fits into consumer decision making
  • Applying behavioural science to develop business winning tactics
  • New sustainability segmentation – created especially for this paper

This paper focuses on the hospitality sector. However, the key findings are transferable across sectors, particularly the sustainability segments. We focussed principally on the UK public. Nonetheless, many of the findings are transferable across other developed countries.

Understand how to target customers more effectively with our Sustainability Segments

To further help organisations shape their sustainability behaviour, we created a brand new sustainability segmentation. Conducted amongst 3,500 nationally representative UK respondents.

There's no 'one size fits all' when it comes to sustainability, and clients need to adapt their approach accordingly. Learn how you can tailor and focus your offer to suit these segments and drive revenue through sustainability.

  • Sustainability Segments (Intro)

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