Surveying local residents online for the London Borough of Hackney

01/05/2015 By Jacqui Banerjee

The London Borough of Hackney were looking for a cost effective way of regularly engaging with residents in the borough to ask their opinions on local issues.

An online panel of residents was developed by BVA BDRC , via a face to face survey (to ensure a representative spread of residents). The panel has been used to conduct many online studies over the last six years, providing a cost effective way of engaging with the local community. In recent times, BVA BDRC has been working with the council and its behaviour change partner, Better Points, to develop the panel.

As well as being quick and cost effective the panel surveys help local residents feel valued and represented amongst their local community. Surveys cover a wide variety of issues to provide council members with valuable insight to manage policy and change.

Jacqui Banerjee co-presented the below presentation with Hackney Council and Better Points, at LARIA Annual Conference 2015. The topic was 'Resident Online Panels - a 'how to' guide to get people consulting online'.