Social Media Impact Report

24/06/2015 By Tim Sander

As seen in Travel Trade Gazette's August 6 Issue

We interviewed a nationally representative sample of 1,007 people to provide a commentary on Britons’ interactions with leisure organisations on social media. The report is available to  download here.

It will provide you with insight on:

  • Why and how leisure users interact on social media
  • The different roles of social media platforms
  • How effective your sector is at converting social media interactions to brand use
  • The key drivers of converting interactions to use

Results are presented overall, by age cohort and by sector. The sectors are airlines, hotels, railway companies, coffee shops, online travel agents, car rental companies, airports and visitor attractions.

Our final chapter on sector use will enable you to:

  • Understand how consumers’ needs change according to sector type
  • Benchmark your sector against others
  • Get best practice from the top performers

The free version of the report is available for download here. A full version of the report is available, providing a much richer and deeper analysis, if you're interested please contact Tim Sander or Jon Young.