Seizing opportunities with fast turnaround research

11/10/2019 By Karen Malivoire

A regulatory body was about to publish results of brand performance in its industry.  Happily, our client’s hard work had paid off and they were top of the field.  There was a golden window of opportunity to capitalise on the results when they were to be released.  To catch the news cycle, they needed to act fast.  But understandably our client was concerned about achieving the right tone in their campaign.  To strike the right note, they decided to commission fast turnaround research to sense check their messaging and to provide reassurance.

We recruited and ran two focus groups which were viewed by the client’s whole team: one in in the South East and the other in the North of England.  Our researchers worked against the clock to get results to the client as quickly as possible.  Within 24 hours of the last groups we presented the topline results by phone.  Our formal detailed report was delivered just two days later.

The findings enabled our client to progress with its advertising campaign, making the most of the opportunity whilst the news was fresh and providing key lessons to shape the future of the campaign.

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