Segmenting for a cause

21/08/2020 By Katie Vosper
Research Problem

The Natural History Museum wanted to develop a segmentation that would unify the organisation, replacing a variety of approaches used by different departments.  At the same time the new segmentation also needed to directly inform their new mission of ‘creating advocates for the planet’.


The segmentation design was informed by several strands of primary and secondary research – with the domestic market, international market, members, on site visitors and online audience as well as through conversations with staff and a review of pre-existing research reports.

The segmentation was designed to link to the TGI media platform and we also provided an algorithm that would allow NHM to assign people to the segments developed with 100% accuracy in the future.


We developed a segmentation that clearly differentiated on sustainability attitudes and behaviour, as well as attraction visiting, to provide a strong foundation for the Natural History Museum to work from to meet both its mission and financial objectives.

“The team really understood what we wanted to achieve from creating a bespoke segmentation model for the NHM. They were incredibly diligent in their research and continuous feedback during the whole project and the outcome clearly fits our needs in understanding our audiences.” Richard Orr, Head of Marketing


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