Recognising customer experience in employee incentivisation

06/09/2017 By Mark Long
Research Problem

A Big 4 bank was seeking to integrate a ‘customer experience’ dimension into their quarterly incentive/reward structure for telephony agents, to be delivered through their established quality assurance review framework. The bank had continued to deploy strategies for improving customer experience throughout their departments, but colleague feedback identified a lack of recognition for ‘providing an excellent customer service’ on the remuneration scheme.


BVA BDRC was engaged to undertake a feasibility study based on extensive knowledge of operational service delivery across retail banks. In addition to statistical analysis of existing projects conducted by BVA BDRC on behalf of the bank, we attended a number of call listening sessions to understand the nature of the calls each of the operational teams received. These sessions were followed by a number of 1:2:1 conversations with the telephony agents and their supervisors to understand their experiences in a bit more detail and perceptions of how the calls are currently recorded and assessed.


We recommended a blend of eight ‘harder rational’ and ‘softer emotional’ customer experience inputs that would provide a rounded view of the telephony agents’ performance. Each proposed quality assurance component would be assessed based on a positive or negative indicator, determined by the call handler’s performance on the specific measure.

We fed back in a number of immersion workshops directly to the agents, supervisors and key stakeholders to discuss the priority measures to be included in the planned quality assurance frameworks.

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