Rail Reputation Index

22/01/2018 By Tim Sander

What is the Rail Reputation Index?

The Rail Reputation Index is an independent, multi-client benchmarking programme designed to enable train operating companies (TOCs) and operator groups to understand and optimise customer engagement.

With the Rail Reputation Index, TOCs will be able to:

  • Deliver an enhanced customer experience
  • Reduce negative word-of-mouth
  • Execute positive change to their brand reputation
  • Drive customer loyalty and engagement

BVA BDRC has a long record in customer experience research, winning awards in several different sectors.  Our Transport research team has conducted extensive passenger research over many years in rail, bus, tram and air travel and we have worked with TOCs throughout the UK.

The Rail Reputation Index combines Net Promoter Score benchmarking with insight into how a range of service touch-points and emotional triggers impact customer-brand relationships, including across key passenger segments.  The programme also brings in detailed social media analysis for a deeper understanding of real customer conversations about perceptions and experiences of rail brands.

Multi-client research programmes share costs across the subscribers, making them a very cost-effective source of insight.

What is the Rail Reputation Index?

What insight is provided?


The Net Promoter Score of your brand, those in your group and competitors, plus what drives the score based on attribute statements (key driver analysis which will be brand-specific).
Brand positioning as it is in the passenger’s mind based on attribute statements.
Real customer comments on why they gave their specific Net Promoter Score rating, split by TOC and by NPS rating segment.
The hierarchy of customer priorities (both functional and emotional) – what matters most to key customer segments.
Optional: place confidential questions specific to your brand, those in your group or competitors.  Only you will see the data for this option.
Uncover the level of perception and engagements with your brand. Listen to what real customers have to say.


What insight is provided?

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The 2019 report is now available for purchase. For more detail about the Rail Reputation Index, please speak to Tim Sander.  Alternatively, register for further information and we will contact you.