Qualitative study - Pensions changes

31/03/2015 By Qualitative study - Pensions changes

March 2015

In anticipation of the introduction of the new pension rules we conducted in-depth interviews with soon-to-be retirees, all with significant pension pots.

There is genuine excitement about the new pension changes, primarily the removal of the need ever to buy an annuity, but also the opportunity for flexi-access.  At a stroke, the new rules have turned a dusty, boring, remote topic into something exciting and tangible.

We presented the findings of the study in a Webinar 'The Pensions Opportunity - what it means for you' on 19 March 2015. In the webinar Tony Wornell and Abi Weaver outlined seven key insights to Pensions providers.

In the webinar, we illuminated:

  • How consumers feel about and frame the new rules
  • How to communicate with customers - into retirement and beyond
  • How traditional and new providers can seize the opportunity created

You can listen to the full webinar recording on demand.  Simply fill out the form to receive an email with the link. You can also read an extended Q&A  and information on what we plan to do next.

We welcome any additional queries or comments, so do contact Tony Wornell and we’d be happy to discuss further.