Pet Club

06/04/2018 By Bethan Cooke
Research Problem

An estimated 9.5 million pet cats and dogs are uninsured in the UK. Research has shown that this is a trend that extends to pet aisle shoppers, which has prompted the concept of a ‘Pet Club’ – a product with basic pet cover that encourages customers to kick-start their pet insurance journey. In order to develop an effective Pet Club it was necessary to explore the mindset of the identified target market. It was also vital to understand why pet owners have not bought insurance for their pet(s) and to assess whether a low level insurance product would be relevant and whether it would hold appeal for customers. Key themes analysed in this research include the relative appeal of the proposal, as well as the appeal of the different aspects of the proposal and reactions to the fee.


BVA BDRC conducted six focus groups with lower and mid-affluent pet aisle shoppers. These were split by pet, with three groups solely dog owners, one solely cat owners and two mixed groups.


The research gave a wealth of insight into the appeal and preferences for the Pet Club proposition, as well as indicating the best channels for marketing comms. The client was able to use these findings to develop the proposition further to maximise future take up.

Research revealed that there is a demand for the Pet Club proposition, especially among dog owners. The proposal was seen as offering good value for money, although many would not be willing to pay more for the premium features of other pet insurance packages to be included in the Pet Club proposal. Respondents also showed a preference for paying the whole fee as a lump-sum, as opposed to a monthly payment. The brand behind the Pet Club were also seen as trustworthy, leading to the proposal being viewed as credible. Our groups preferred advertising through vouchers and in-store leaflets, and would like to be able to sign up immediately in store.

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