High Net Worth Wealth Management - Nordic Region

29/04/2019 By Jacqui Banerjee
Research Problem

A global wealth structuring firm has grown in the Nordic region, creating a need to better understand the specific challenges that may be faced in the market with regards to high net worth individuals. Information was needed on attitudes towards wealth management, as well as their investment habits.


BVA BDRC conducted 19 x 45 minute qualitative telephone interviews with intermediaries. This consisted of six interviews in Norway, six interviews in Sweden and seven in Finland.


Intermediaries identified key issues that can be improved by the wealth structuring firm. However, ultimately it gave invaluable understanding as to Nordic perceptions of the firm and the specific obstacles that they may face in the Nordic market, whilst also providing an insight into the routes that can be taken to overcome this.

"[I'd like to praise] the whole professionalism and experience available from BVA BDRC." Product Manager

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