Moments of Truth 2020 Awards

29/03/2021 By Richard Stevenson

We are delighted to announce the following BVA BDRC Moments of Truth awards for 2020. After a very challenging year, we're sure you'll want to join us in congratulating the winners.

In 2020 we interviewed over 30,000 consumers and benchmarked the performance of 87 financial service providers. This unique feedback programme offers fully transparent, branded NPS benchmarks on 20+ key Moments of Truth recently experienced by financial services customers, from generally high incidence experiences (e.g. using online banking or a mobile banking app), to more niche experiences (e.g. applying for a mortgage).

Awards are determined based on a provider's position in the benchmark and underlying sample size. Providers must have a sample size greater than 80 to be eligible for the award.



No.1 Credit Card Opening Experience

American Express


No.1 Branch Experience

Coventry Building Society


No.1 Complaints Experience

Coventry Building Society


No.1 ISA Transfer Experience

Coventry Building Society


No.1 Mortgage Contact Experience

Coventry Building Society


No.1 Online Banking Experience

First Direct


No.1 Overdraft Experience

First Direct


No.1 Telephone Contact Experience

First Direct


No.1 Current Account Opening Experience



No.1 Mobile App Experience

Starling Bank


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