Meetings & Events - State of the Nation Report

08/04/2022 By Meetings & Events - State of the Nation Report

Following a traumatic few years, in which Meetings & Events was one of the most severely impacted sectors, we have discovered the need to create a Meeting & Events ‘State of the Nation’ report. Upon investigation, we understood that the sector has many voices, but no detailed research has been conducted to analyse where we have been, where we are now and where we are heading.

This report aims to collect insights from senior figures across the Meetings & Events industry, combined with feedback from event planners and venues, to produce a well-informed picture of the state of the nation.


  • A valuable, well-rounded source of quality data and insights
  • To shine a light on the sector, the challenges and the solutions that may be needed
  • To understand how we move forward together in a very different environment

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