How does a loss of media services affect residential consumers?

08/09/2017 By Jeremiah Fryer
Research Problem

Our research on Triple Play switching had identified loss of service as being an issue for some. Following this our client, Ofcom, wished to understand further the effect on residential consumers of experiencing a loss in fixed broadband, fixed landline or pay TV service.


A survey was conducted among an online panel sample of 318 consumers that had experienced a loss of one or more of the services in the previous two years.  Online research provided an effective and efficient means to reach the very low incidence groups Ofcom wished to consult.


The research helped Ofcom understand the experience of loss of service, and to quantify the cost of this loss to consumers (in terms of time spent, use of other services, opportunities missed and inconvenience). The results have been published as part of its consultation and have been used alongside evidence from complaints and stakeholders in Ofcom’s provisional assessment of options for reform to make switching easier and more reliable for consumers.

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