How effective is product placement on Channel 4?

31/10/2014 By Max Willey

The implementation of effective product placement requires specialist knowledge of how this form of advertising impacts viewers unconsciously. Channel 4 has utilised BVA BDRC’s unique Playsment® research programme on several occasions to study the effectiveness of their product placement campaigns. The study offers a gamified research process to further engage participants and regularly produces very high implicit recall results.

From this insight, Channel 4 and advertisers have shifted the perceptions of their viewers regarding different products. They were able to drive association of Nokia Lumia with Hollyoaks characters to impact on perception of the product as being cool and a brand that viewers wanted to buy. Viewers were also found to be far more likely to perceive Uncle Bens microwavable rice as being quality and natural after it was used in one of Jamie Olivers ‘15 Minute Meals’. Jamie Oliver’s use of Yeo Valley yoghurts also helped to double purchase intent amongst post stage viewers.

This insight into the associations viewers develop with a product has formed an integral part of future product placement campaign decisions.

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