Global Tourism Monitor

08/05/2015 By Jude Bissert

Benchmarking the world’s view of tourism destinations

This is the second year of the annual survey from Global Market Research, a leading international network of market research agencies.

With more than 16,800 interviews from across 24 different countries, including just about all the major world economies, this is the most broadly based assessment of tourism destinations in terms of experiences, intentions and motivations that has ever been conducted.

This year’s data, collected in Jan / Feb 2015, provides a fascinating insight to:

  • The appeal for destinations for both short break and longer holidays based on the experience and recommendation ratings of recent international visitors
  • Destination visit intentions for both short breaks and longer holidays
  • Which forms of marketing and communications have cut through for destinations in each source market
  • The motivations and perceived reasons for visiting each destination for short breaks or longer holidays

All achieved from a global sample and with the ‘touristic magnetism’ of each destination benchmarked against all other major international tourism destinations.

Through its multiple ‘source market’ samples, this study delivers unique and sizeable ‘destination market’ samples.

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