Following the buzz around Harvest at Jimmy's Festival

31/10/2014 By Max Willey

Following a quantitative face to face survey at the Harvest at Jimmy’s Festival, festival organisers wanted to know whether the online ‘buzz’ around the festival mirrored what respondents had said to interviewers at the event. They were interested in what kind of social media was being used to discuss the festival and what people were saying online.

BVA BDRC undertook a social media monitor analysis to find the answers. By searching for ‘Harvest at Jimmy’s’ and ‘Harvest Festival’, BVA BDRC found 528 mentions – a robust base for analysis. An analysis of these findings found that the largest proportion of activity came from Microblogs (such as Twitter), followed by video and photo sharing. BVA BDRC then ran a ‘word cloud’ to find the most common tweet words and were happy to find that there were no negative words, despite programming the data request to show all mentions. An analysis of online comments and conversations revealed the theme sentiments of the festival-goers, such as ‘social’, ‘leisure’ and ‘bio’ (i.e. farm related).

From these results, festival organisers discovered that a large proportion of people talking about the festival were tech-savvy, tweeting at the event itself from their mobile devices and then sharing videos and photos the day after. From the word cloud and theme sentiment measures, they were able to learn the elements of the festival which attendees found particularly exciting.

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