Evaluating a leafleting campaign for NHS Care.Data

31/10/2014 By Jacqui Banerjee

NHS Care.Data wanted to assess the impact and opinions of the NHS Leaflet sent to households across England which explained changes to the way the NHS would share data.

We conducted 1647 face to face interviews across England, asking respondents about general awareness of NHS data sharing and recall of the leaflet. NHS England were especially interested in specific reactions to the leaflet, whether the respondents had understood it, had spoken about, or found it useful.

Our methodology meant that a representative sample of households across the UK were contacted, also allowing us to analyse between regions, age, gender and other demographics. The face to face nature of the interviews allowed the respondent to see a copy of the leaflet to ensure recall was accurate. As a result of the research the NHS were able to see where the leaflet had performed well, and identify areas to improve for future leaflets.