Developing culture market segmentations

31/10/2014 By Katie Vosper

Market segmentations should provide the foundation for organisational growth strategies, regardless of industry sector. Cultural destinations have begun to embrace these segmentations in recent years and organisations have benefitted from developing their own bespoke segments to provide guidance for identifying, prioritising and reaching development targets.

In the recent past we have developed market segmentations for many cultural organisations. By segmenting a carefully identified market using a bespoke approach, we have helped each of these organisations to identify target audiences, and provided guidance on how to create and exploit opportunities to engage these segments.

BVA BDRC brings to life emerging segments through pen portraits and personalisation techniques, helping clients develop audience led improvements through engaging studies.

“It was all that I could have dared hope for – mind-opening, insightful & comprehensive yet understandable, light & importantly engaging (& perhaps even fun for the participants). I really appreciate the hard work put in by all of you……. you have set us up with a really solid foundation for the start of our journey as we embark on being a more audience led organisation. You are a very impressive team”

Claire Clutterbuck, Royal Academy, Audience Insight Manager