Department for Transport (DfT): Road Reform

10/02/2015 By Annette White

The DfT subscribed to two waves of the Business Opinion Omnibus in order to investigate commercial usage of and attitudes towards roads in England, with particular focus on the Strategic Road Network (SRN), England’s core network of motorways and trunk roads.

More specifically, the questionnaire was designed to:

  • identify the profile of organisations who use the roads for business trips, including type of vehicles used, and nature / frequency of trips undertaken
  • determine the usage of the SRN, and assess how this varied across different business types and sectors
  • examine attitudes towards investment in road and recognise priorities for businesses
  • understand how transport (in general) and road (specifically) are perceived in the context of wider economic growth

The data collected via the Business Omnibus was one part of a large-scale qualitative and quantitative social research project, commissioned by DfT to support policy development relating to the SRN.

The full report can be read here: