Delivering e-commerce needs

06/04/2018 By Delivering e-commerce needs
Research Problem

A delivery provider recognised that growth in the e-commerce sector represented a huge opportunity for the business. In order to inform proposition development, research was required to understand the needs of online sellers, and gauge initial reactions to ideas for new products and services.


We conducted a review of all existing data / insight which our client already held on marketplace sellers and online sellers more generally. This involved collating data across multiple sources and conducting extra analysis using this data.

We then undertook primary research of 8 x 2-hour workshops with online sellers (including consumer sellers and SMEs).

Task-based exercises in the workshops included assessment of the main challenges online sellers face, how they currently get support, assessment of a number of initial propositions, and a brand positioning exercise.


The findings from the existing insight review and workshops were combined into one presentation so that the client had all of the information in one place.

The results were used to guide proposition development – identifying which ideas should be taken forward, and where there were additional gaps that new products or services could fill.

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