Cracking the customer code in Bletchley

01/05/2018 By Mark Long

Helping our client understand the customer impact of a store closure

Research Problem

A high-street store closed their Milton Keynes store and transferred customers to nearby Bletchley, but in doing so noticed that a significant proportion of these customers left. The research objective was to understand why customers were leaving and identify how often the main driver was the transfer to Bletchley, and if so, what could have been done to retain their custom.


This was a qualitative study with a sample of only 19 customers supplied for the Perspective telephone team to interview. We achieved 10 completed telephone interviews from this sample (52% strike rate) and quickly provided the toplines and verbatim comments to the client.


The client will use the indicative results to help inform future store closure strategies and the handling of the customers impacted.

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