Connecting Stories at the Library of Birmingham

01/05/2018 By Jon Young
Research Problem

The British Library have been working with the Library of Birmingham to stage a free exhibition. Research was commissioned to understand the visitors to the ‘Connecting Stories’ exhibition and to find out why certain visitors to the Library of Birmingham building didn’t visit the exhibition.


BVA BDRC conducted a paper-based survey amongst visitors to the Library of Birmingham on exit from the building. We surveyed both visitors and non-visitors to the ‘Connecting Stories’ exhibition and ensured that visitors were defined as those who had spent at least five minutes in the exhibition. This meant we could be confident that they had engaged with the exhibition in some way.


The British Library gained insight into exhibition visitor demographics, the visit experience, and reasons why non-visitors didn’t visit the exhibition. This knowledge can be used to inform future exhibitions at the Library of Birmingham.

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