Checking the pulse of mortgage broker sentiment

18/04/2019 By Mark Long
Research Problem

A specialist mortgage lender has launched a flexible, quantitative, ‘pulse-check’ of mortgage intermediary sentiment and opinion. The research consists of short, snappy telephone interviews among a sample of brokers who have recently placed a case with the lender. By definition, the pulse-check research topics vary from wave to wave, and link to the priority business issues at a given point in time.

Research Approach

Four waves of research have been conducted, against a supplied sample, on demand across 2018, consisting of 100 intermediary interviews per wave. Interview lengths are a maximum of ten minutes long


The client has been able to use the pulse-checks to generate insight into various aspects of business practice. This methodology has provided the client with flexibility and quick turnaround insight to aid the decision-making process.

“The excellent communication and clear timescales. I knew exactly what was required of me as a client and when I could expect the results.” Senior Product Manager

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