Car Purchase Journey

04/04/2018 By Car Purchase Journey
Research Problem

A specialist financial services group were embarking upon a programme of work to design the future experience for customers and dealers within Motor Finance. They asked us to undertake consumer research with the following objectives:

  • Exploration of the key stages of the customer’s journey
  • Gain an understanding of the role of motor finance in the journey
  • Assess the point when finance is first considered during the car purchase journey
  • Identify the pain points and challenges of buying motor finance
  • Identify the pain points and challenges across the broader motor finance relationship with the group

We conducted six x 2.5-hour workshops across London, Manchester and Birmingham. All respondents had bought a car using finance through the group in the past year. The workshop involved a number of tasks covering:

  • Mapping the car purchase journey
  • Reviewing the on-boarding journey
  • Discussing the ideal on-going contact
  • Discussing the end of the contract journey
  • Looking at perceptions of the group

The research pulled out the five key moments of truth across the customer journey. Each moment of truth showed the ideal customer experience and implications for the group's offer.

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