British Library - Everyone Engaged: Brand Health research

10/04/2017 By Jon Young
Research Problem

The British Library needed to understand brand health and perceptions of the Library amongst the wider population to inform their Living Knowledge and Everyone Engaged strategy.


To achieve this, BVA BDRC conducted an online survey of 3,000 people. The survey was split into four constituent parts – nationally representative, business users, teachers and personal researchers. We recommended and implemented a number of new brand health techniques, including brand salience and brand value.


The research was presented to the main project stakeholders as well as the Library’s senior leadership team including the CEO. It will be central to driving their on-going strategy and site development.

“Your well-considered analysis was much appreciated and is actively feeding into our core strategic directions. Also, with your presentation of the findings, your careful fine-tuning to suit the high-level audience worked particularly well.”

Fiona McCarthy, Customer Insight Manager, The British Library

This project has been nominated for the Public Policy/Social Research 2017 MRS Award