Branding with beer goggles on

01/05/2018 By Jon Young
Research Problem

Harviestoun Brewery were in the process of changing their visual identity and needed a research consultancy to demonstrate what information they should prioritise in their labelling.


BVA BDRC conducted the research in two stages. In the first stage, we conducted an online quantitative survey amongst Harviestoun loyalists (from their database) and the craft beer market. This stage was used to understand perceptions of Harviestoun’s current labels, perceptions of other labels in the market, and the hierarchy of choice when people are choosing a new beer.

Following the first stage of research Harviestoun employed a design agency to develop new label based on our research. Following the redesign, BVA BDRC conducted a second stage of qualitative research amongst the market and devotees, to collect feedback on the new designs. The qualitative research was conducted via bulletin boards across three days.


The research was instrumental in driving the design of the labels in the first instance, and also in developing their design after the qualitative stage of the research.

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